Artists of Kalisz

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Sławski Roger



Roger Sławski is one of the most recognized and influential 20th century architects from Wielkopolska. He was born on March 24, 1871 in Poznań into a family of the intelligentsia engaged in the cause to regain Polish independence. His father…

Richter Johann Christian Heinrich


Birth date unknown

In sources, his name is also spelt as Rychter. He was born in Dresden, a son of Christian Heinrich and Christiana Sophia Richter. On June 30, 1781 he was granted municipal rights in Kalisz. In 1783, together with Jakub Staniszewski he held the duties…

Ratajski Stefan

Artist - painter

Birth date unknown

A painter known exclusively as the author of the painting of St. Anthony of Padua preserved in the side altar of the same consecration in the former Franciscan church in Kalisz. The painting presents the saint standing rigidly with the baby Jesus in…

Pstrokoński - Poraj Stanisław

Artist - painter

1871 – 1954

In Kalisz, he attended the Realschule and later continued his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He created the painting of St. Rosalia for the church in Kokanin, most probably during his studies. He received a scholarship from…

Osiecki Mateusz

Birth date unknown - 1741

Most probably he came from the region of Poznań, however his origins, the date and the place of birth are not known. It is also not certain how he obtained knowledge about architecture. According to Adam Błachut, his monographer, it is quite…
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