Artists of Kalisz

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A graphic designer and illustrator.

1899 - 1988

In both techniques he developed his own, unique style. Even though it was the practice of graphic design that brought him recognition, the artist had genuine affection for drawing – the trace of line on a white sheet of paper, frugal and reduced to…

Artist-painter, an art dealer and an animator of the artistic environment.

1876 - ?

He was born in Kalisz, the date of his death is not known. The information on his life and activity found in literature is very different to the data obtained from the press in Kalisz. Krzyżanowski was the first art dealer and “gallerist” in…

Artist - sculptress


One of the most outstanding female sculptors originating from Poland. From the early days Alina Szapocznikow was both accompanied by death whilst being an advocate of life at its every turn. Mieczysław Porębski called her a “frightfully vivacious…


Birth date unknown

An apprentice of the goldsmith Dominik Chełpiński. On July 21, 1769 he was granted the rank of journeyman and after obligatory travel, completed probably around 1777 he was received as a master. In the same year he was also accepted into the…

An artist, Theoretican, Animator of artistic life

Born in 1947

Zdzisław Sosnowski, Polish artist, theoretician and animator of artistic life. He was born on November 18, 1947 in Ignacewo, near Kalisz. Recognized mostly thanks to his avant-garde films and photographs, a painter by profession, who works within…
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