Artists of Kalisz

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Bąkowski Jan


1817 - 1892

An artist – painter. He originated from an artistic family – his father was a renowned portrait painter in Kalisz. The artist studied in Warsaw where he was living for years. Andrzej Ryszkiewicz called him a copyist, not representing any artistic…

Baltasar Caudlerbach or Laudterbach

Master bricklayer

Date of birth unknown.

A master bricklayer and builder who settled in Kalisz, in documents referred to as: honest Mr. Balcer Master Mason; probably came from Lower Silesia, or one of the German states, as indicates his signature Maurer Magÿster. Married to Catherine; in…

Benke Chrystian

A bricklayer and builder, active in Kalisz and its surroundings between 1767-1783   


In sources his surname is also spelt as: Beńke, Benkie, Bąkę, Bękę, Benka, Benkier, Beńkie, (de) Banek, as well as Ławicki, Ławiński. A builder, master craftsman and bricklayer-entrepreneur, mentioned in sources as: Artis Murariae Magistro;…

Brochocki Walery

An artist, landscape painter.

15.12.1847 - 13.10.1923

An artist, landscape painter. So far in literature (the Dictionary of Polish Artists, the Polish Biographical Dictionary) there is no information on his relationship with Kalisz. However, in the press in Kalisz we find numerous entries on his…

Brzeski Kazimierz

Goldsmith from Kalisz

Date of birth unknown

A goldsmith. Virtually nothing is known of him. He worked in Kalisz in the 1830’s, but was not listed in the record of goldsmiths in 1852. As the only goldsmith outside Warsaw during the first half of the 19th century, he stamped his articles with…
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