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The web site ‘Artists of Kalisz’ was created as part of the commemoration program Kalisz-Phoenix 1914-2014. The aim of the project is to show the continuity of artistic life in Kalisz through creating a collection of biographies that present the life and work of artists of various disciplines – painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers and architects who have been active throughout the centuries and created their work in Kalisz and for Kalisz.

The lives and works of these artists were intertwined with the town and shared its dramatic history. The barbarian destruction of Kalisz during the 1st World War brought death and destruction to the people and their material and intellectual achievements. However the inhabitants did not allow the town to vanish and with great determination started to rebuild it. Kalisz was raised from the ruins, keeping the continuity of artistic traditions. 

As part of the project we would like to honour the artists whose works suffered during the destruction of Kalisz in 1914 and also those who worked on both the physical and intellectual reconstruction of the town.

The concept and edition of the web site: Małgorzata Kaźmierczak, Ph. D.

Editorial staff: Ewa Andrzejewska Ph.D., Iwona Barańska Ph.D., Ryszard Bobrow Ph.D., Natalia Czekalska Ph.D., Anna Dobaczewska, Karolina Leśnik, Magdalena Dworak-Mróz

Translation: Magdalena Dworak-Mróz

Proofreading: Anne Seagrave

Photos:  Ewa Andrzejewska  Ph. D, Natalia Czekalska Ph.D., Maria Czyżak, Otwarta Zachęta archive, courtesy of artists.

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